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One Piece: In Snow-White, a Rose-Red Nightmare :iconbeldarius:Beldarius 0 0
Meme: Name an OC and I'll give you 10 facts by Beldarius Meme: Name an OC and I'll give you 10 facts :iconbeldarius:Beldarius 1 4
The Winter War (One Piece OCT Round 3)
Sabaody Archipelago... it was supposed to have been the start of a new adventure. ...Not the end of it!
Furen barely had time to think as she began to run. The large man - the Shichibukai with the paw pads - had appeared out of nowhere and was now systematically wiping out her friends one by one. ...They'd just figured out a way to get to Fishman Island, too! Why did all this have to happen now?!
"Furen! Open your eyes!"
The scream came too late, as her leg caught on a tree root and sent her tumbling to the ground. Notwithstanding her swift reflexes, she couldn't get her spears out to cover herself and turn around in time - yet, Kuma had missed as well. The person wiped out in Furen's place was Darus, having jumped in the way to shield her. "...Aaaah! No!"
Her hand springing to the spears strapped to her back, panicking from seeing her foster father and best friend disappear right in front of her eyes, she saw the hand coming from her side too late. Struck by the large man's paw
:iconbeldarius:Beldarius 0 0
Preventing Fires (One Piece OCT Round 2)
As Furen woke up that night, she immediately knew something was wrong. The sounds on the deck had suddenly turned loud and quite resembled a bar brawl - if it had been Sanji or Zoro on guard duty that night, she wouldn't have batted an eye... but it was Darus who definitely wasn't the type to fight people just like that.
Stepping off her bed, she quietly reached for her spears and gingerly opened the door to the women's cabin. The sounds had quieted down by now and no matter how she strained her eyes in the dark, she couldn't see anyone on the ship. ...That was definitely quite strange... at least Darus should have been there, considering he was the guard. Figuring he might have relocated into the crow's nest, Furen shielded her face against the wind and tried to look up the mast; however, as soon as she did, she heard a loud splash by the side of the ship and her eyes grew wide. That was the side of the ship with the rowboats! "Darus? Darus, answer me! Are you there?!"
There was a sil
:iconbeldarius:Beldarius 2 0
The Spears of Remembrance (One Piece OCT Round 1)
Furen, lounging around on the Going Merry's deck, scanned her surroundings as noise permeated through the walls of the ship. Zoro and Sanji had started arguing again and splinters of broken doors littered the floor outside - of course they did, somehow the two always ended up slashing or kicking things if nobody stopped them on their bad days. Sure, it was all a very common sight, but Furen still wasn't quite used to it. She had only been traveling with the Straw Hats for about a month now and the noise and mess they made still caught her off guard every now and then. ...She would have been annoyed at them if a certain someone hadn't interrupted their bout.
"Calm down, you two. We don't need more broken doors or windows. ...Why don't you just take a breather and go do something to let off some steam?" the voice she knew all too well followed the noisy pair out of the doors (or what remained of them... they had managed to destroy the frame this time). Their somewhat irritated stares did
:iconbeldarius:Beldarius 3 1
Haikyuu! - The Crow That Flew (Tsukishima X OC)
Karasuno's gymnasium had been noisy just a few moments earlier. Now things had quieted down as their practice for that day was drawing to a close - the third years were loitering around the door of the gym while the second and first years finished up their after-practice activities. The trio were casually chatting about this and that, and eventually began to discuss what they would do once they graduated.
"Um... Sawamura-san? I'm sorry to interrupt, but..." a tentative question from the side had all three heads turning to face the girl by the benches.
"Hn? What is it, Kanemaru?" Daichi looked puzzled. This girl didn't often directly address the older members of the team - she looked strangely fidgety for some reason... was it something about Tsukishima, or...
"I overheard you talking about graduation and I just got curious..." she shifted her feet and ran her hand through her hair. "Are you going to continue volleyball in college?"
"Uh... yes, I think so." now he was even more confused
:iconbeldarius:Beldarius 2 3
Thanatos version 2 by Beldarius Thanatos version 2 :iconbeldarius:Beldarius 0 0 Thanatos version 4 by Beldarius Thanatos version 4 :iconbeldarius:Beldarius 0 0 Thanatos version 3 by Beldarius Thanatos version 3 :iconbeldarius:Beldarius 0 0 Thanatos version 1 by Beldarius Thanatos version 1 :iconbeldarius:Beldarius 0 0 Hypnos version 4 by Beldarius Hypnos version 4 :iconbeldarius:Beldarius 0 0 Hypnos version 3 by Beldarius Hypnos version 3 :iconbeldarius:Beldarius 0 0 Hypnos version 2 by Beldarius Hypnos version 2 :iconbeldarius:Beldarius 0 0 Hypnos version 1 by Beldarius Hypnos version 1 :iconbeldarius:Beldarius 0 0
Marry Me
"...So, how are your duties going?" Aiacos asked Minos when they passed yet another empty hallway.
"Ah, not too bad as usual. Just some idiots who got on my nerves so much I sent them off to Cocytus."
"...You're not a morning person." Valentine noted dryly from behind.
"Glad you noticed."
"...I love you."
The three Specters stopped as they heard someone. They all glanced at each other and then at the door to their left.
"...Rhadamanthys' quarters..." Valentine mused and plopped down to one knee next to the door, listening. Minos and Aiacos looked at him, shrugged and plopped right next to him.
"You are beautiful, you know that? I've loved you for a long time..."
"You three disgust me. If you have something to say, just open the door." a crisp voice said from behind. Just as Rhadamanthys' voice said "Marry me!" with fervent passion, Rune walked past the three eavesdroppers, opened the door and froze.
Rhadamanthys was kissing a whiskey bottle.
Valentine stared, Aiaco
:iconbeldarius:Beldarius 1 13
Of Early Mornings
Of Early Mornings, Make-up and Consequences
Deathmask woke up at the sound of his phone ringing. Groaning, he got up and wished a slow and painful death upon the person who called him at 5 AM. As he reached the phone, he noticed the name "Aphrodite" flashing on the screen.
"What the hell does Dite want now?" he flipped the phone open and nearly snapped: "Do you know how early it is?!"
"Why, of course I do." he said flippantly, and continued after a brief pause: "You know, I went shopping late at night and found this amazing new type of make-up. I need help with the damn thing, though, because for some reason the text on the box is all in Italian."
"Eh? You want me to translate it for you... THIS EARLY?!"
"Is this early?"
"It is. FOR ME."
"Well, it certainly isn't for me so I'm coming over." the phone was hung up.
Deathmask was getting pretty irate at this point. Good way to start a morning, yeah right. He poked one of the masks on his wall and caused it to shriek. Well... at least that
:iconbeldarius:Beldarius 5 11


Pilot In Training by padamay2 Pilot In Training :iconpadamay2:padamay2 8 9 Team Voltron OC's by padamay2 Team Voltron OC's :iconpadamay2:padamay2 26 21 [Commision] Wake up sleeping beauty by Plantress [Commision] Wake up sleeping beauty :iconplantress:Plantress 7 5 [OC Sketches] Rosa and Shino by Plantress [OC Sketches] Rosa and Shino :iconplantress:Plantress 9 2 Commission for Beldarius IV by Arerethousa Commission for Beldarius IV :iconarerethousa:Arerethousa 6 7 Insert Pony-Related SRW Pun Here. by ReiDuran Insert Pony-Related SRW Pun Here. :iconreiduran:ReiDuran 23 8 [FE:F OC] 'Please don't drool on Brynhildr' by Plantress [FE:F OC] 'Please don't drool on Brynhildr' :iconplantress:Plantress 8 8 Commission for Beldarius I: Arthur by Arerethousa Commission for Beldarius I: Arthur :iconarerethousa:Arerethousa 5 9 Commission for Beldarius II: Darius and Ambrose by Arerethousa Commission for Beldarius II: Darius and Ambrose :iconarerethousa:Arerethousa 7 7 Comission for Beldi III: Elena and Bootsvorz by Arerethousa Comission for Beldi III: Elena and Bootsvorz :iconarerethousa:Arerethousa 7 1 Commission for Beldarius IV: Asad to the Chase by Arerethousa Commission for Beldarius IV: Asad to the Chase :iconarerethousa:Arerethousa 6 10 Gijinka - Tapu Koko by Bocetado Gijinka - Tapu Koko :iconbocetado:Bocetado 57 4 Nerina Dressrosa outfit by Plantress Nerina Dressrosa outfit :iconplantress:Plantress 2 2 Nerina and Furen by Plantress Nerina and Furen :iconplantress:Plantress 5 4 SRW Folka by Ken0087 SRW Folka :iconken0087:Ken0087 5 2 Da da da Daizengar -Karaoke- by Resak Da da da Daizengar -Karaoke- :iconresak:Resak 243 110
  • Listening to: Johji Ootomo (Kosuke Tomita) - Kaze ni Kiitekure

Valdemar Vuorinen - main OC, partnered with WolfSquiremon. 16 years old by Adventure. Comes from Finland.

Name: Kuraimon.
Name Origin: "Kurai", Japanese for "rank, nobility, dignity".
Evolution Stage: Fresh.
Attribute: None.
Type: Slime.
Family: N/A
Bubble Blow - blows bubbles to intimidate enemy.
Pic/Description: White ball of fluff with ice blue eyes, wolf-like ears and a puffy tail. (Kind of like Paomon, just with puffier fur.)
Evolves From: N/A
Evolves To: Kishimon.
Info: N/A

Name: Kishimon
Name Origin: "Kishi", Japanese for "knight".
Evolution Stage: In-Training
Attribute: Data.
Type: Lesser.
Family: N/A
Bubble Blow - blows bubbles to intimidate enemy.
Tackle - a powerful charge used against the opponent.
Pic/Description: Basically Kuraimon with small black legs (think Viximon).
Evolves From: Kuraimon.
Evolves To: WolfSquiremon.
Info: N/A

Name: WolfSquiremon
Name Origin: English for "wolf" and "squire".
Evolution Stage: Rookie
Attribute: Data.
Type: Beast.
Family: Nature Spirits.
Helmet Crash - charges into enemy and rams them with his helmet.
Leaping Crunch - leaps into the air and uses the momentum to bite the opponent as he comes back down.
Pic/Description: A small quadripedal wolf cub with a knight's helmet on his head (he normally has the visor up, but if he wants to hide his emotions, he will drop it). He'll use his helmet to do a slamming attack -type rush. He's white with black legs and ice blue eyes.
Evolves From: Kishimon.
Evolves To: WolfKnightmon.
Info: N/A

Name: WolfKnightmon
Name Origin: English for "wolf" and "knight".
Evolution Stage: Champion
Attribute: Data.
Type: Beast.
Family: Nature Spirits.
Knight Protector - a blue glowing shield envelops his armor, and as he charges, the blue glow wraps around his opponents and turns into a sheet of blue fire that tears into them.
Adamantine Grip - he bites into his opponent and doesn't let go until they're defeated. Being the noble knight he is, he lets the opponent go once they've lost consciousness.
Pic/Description: Bigger wolf, now with a helmet on his head and plate armor on his back, underside, legs and tail. Still white with black legs and ice blue eyes, his armor is steel-gray.
Evolves From: WolfSquiremon.
Evolves To: WolfGallantmon.
Info: N/A

Name: WolfGallantmon
Name Origin: English for "wolf" and "gallant".
Evolution Stage: Ultimate
Attribute: Data.
Type: Beast.
Family: Nature Spirits.
Destruct Ray - blue electricity gathers at the tips of his spear and in the spikes on his armor, finally forming into a massive bolt of thunder in front of him which he then unleashes at his opponents.
Thundering Barrage - he uses his impressive speed to charge at his opponent, first slashing at them with one end of his spear and then with the other. During this attack he is so fast that his body becomes nothing but a blur.
Pic/Description: A bit bigger again, and now has a full-metal spear with a sharp point on both ends which he carries in his mouth. Spikes protrude out of his armor in vulnerable places and his helmet has a black hair plume (think this for the plume, but not the helmet type). The rest of the color scheme is still the same.
Evolves From: WolfKnightmon.
Evolves To: WolfDukemon.
Info: N/A

Name: WolfDukemon
Name Origin: English for "wolf" and "duke".
Evolution Stage: Mega
Attribute: Data.
Type: Beast Knight.
Family: Nature Spirits.
Shield Drop - throws his shield like a boomerang that cuts into his enemies, and then returns to him.
7x7 Salvo - his spear breaks open to reveal seven spearheads that then unleash a barrage of Chrome Digizoid barbs. These barbs can penetrate even the toughest of Digimon armors.
Rhydderch Hael - he drops his shield to the ground and drives his spear's tip to the center of it. In a flash of light, the shield and spear combine to form a sword (Dyrnwyn) that burns with blue fire.
Pic/Description: Now bipedal, he has a spear (Gae Bolga) and a shield (Ancile) strapped to his back (and yes, he uses them in battle). He wears a regular steel-gray hauberk with a black surcoat. Otherwise his color scheme is still the same - white fur, ice blue eyes and black paws. His hauberk and surcoat look kind of like this, albeit without the cross (instead, his surcoat's chest adorns an emblem of a white wolf's head with a blue spear going diagonally across it).
Evolves From: WolfGallantmon.
Evolves To: N/A
Info: Has a resonant baritone voice and speaks in a very outdated fashion since Fresh stage, sounding more like a medieval knight with all his thees, thous and foreasmuches (also uses "Egad!"). He is also polite and chivalrous since his earliest stages, very protective of the weak, his partner and his allies and wise and knowledgeable (he has some sort of "inherited knowledge" programmed in him. So he knows things he hasn't experienced before, much like how birds know how to navigate during migration. Most of these things deal with history, ancient languages and dialects and codes of honor and ethics.).

Emma Vuorinen - Val's older sister, partnered with n/a. 18 years old by Adventure. Comes from Finland.

Meleager - a strange man from the Digital World, partnered with Foxmon. 23 years old by Adventure. Country of origin unknown.

Child | Virus | Beast Digimon | Nature Spirits, Dragon's Roar

Profile: A small red fox Digimon without the white part in his tail, his fur is shiny and shaped like a billowing fire. A very cowardly Digimon, he prefers to use cunning and strategy in order to run away from confrontations. He is very loyal, however, and he will never abandon friends in need - even if it meant he had to stay behind and fight. His behavior when fighting in a team doesn't exactly inspire trust in others as even then he relies on tricks, preferring to attack from behind or perform a hit-and-run. When angered or cornered, his fur will begin to spew out small fireballs at the rate of a machine gun ("Fire Shot").

Name Origin: English, the red fox.


Adult | Virus | Beast Digimon | Nature Spirits, Dragon's Roar

Profile: Vulpemon is still a red fox, but much bigger than Foxmon - he has black eyes with irises made of fire, yellow armor plating on his head and shoulders and a bulky body, with a line of fire going from the top of his head to the tip of his tail - it resembles the mane of a lion, only far longer. He has now shed his earlier cowardliness, yet he still retains some of his tricky side - his preferred fighting method is to hit-and-run, relying on above average speed to stay out of the enemy's reach. When in need of long range attacks, his mane of fire will blaze to life, growing upwards to form a pillar of fire that will then lash out like a whip ("Fox Flame"). If cornered, he also has a close range attack at his disposal - his whole body will catch on fire and as he connects to his enemy, the fire explodes with the magnitude of a hand-grenade ("Flare Boom").

Name Origin: Vulpes vulpes, Latin for the red fox.


Perfect | Virus | Beast Digimon | Nature Spirits, Dragon's Roar

Profile: After digivolving into CinnaFoxmon, the yellow armor over this Digimon's body will grow to cover him from his head to the end of his tail. He hates being called a beast and has begun to look for ways to enhance his body, as one of his dreams is to become a fully-working android that is nigh impossible to damage, and would still survive through memory chips if his body was destroyed. His attacks have become breath-only as his fur is concealed under his armor, and using his fur to enhance his flames would only melt the metal all over his body. However, the fire within his body is so potent that even his breath-weapons are a force to be reckoned with - in his main attack, he concentrates a large amount of the fire in his jaws and gradually spits it out to create a fireball the size of a large boulder. As this fireball then crashes down on his enemy, the resulting damage replicates a small-scale meteor strike ("Meteor Drive").

Name Origin: English, cinnabar. English, the red fox.


Ultimate | Virus | Cyborg Digimon | Nature Spirits, Dragon's Roar, Metal Empire

Profile: The yellow armor over MetalFoxmon has fused to his body, creating a cyborg with Chrome Digizoid plating that shields him from most attacks. After wanting to add a few special gimmicks to his new body, MetalFoxmon consulted Vulcanusmon who gave him the ability to create metal inside himself, in tandem with fire. His shoulders now open up to allow two cannons to emerge - he uses them along with his open mouth to expel the fire and metal within his body, often using this as means of battle ("Furnace Spitfire") - the metal and fire in his body combine to form deadly burning missiles that set whatever they connect to on fire, a fire that cannot be extinguished even with water. If the fire in his body grows too great to contain, he can rid himself of the excess in battle and create a tornado of flames that shoots out of a hatch in his back ("Burning Wind").

Name Origin: English, metal. English, the red fox.

Note: Furnace Spitfire's missiles are basically napalm.



Kaneto Kobayashi - 18 years old, host of the Spirit of Time. The Digimon he turns into are called Aionmon (Rookie), Heimdallmon (Human), ChronoLeviamon (Beast), Varunamon (Human+Beast) and Shinigamon (Time+Darkness).

Name: Aionmon.
Name Origin: Aion is the Phoenician God of Time.
Evolution Stage: Child/Rookie (Hybrid).
Attribute: Variable.
Type: Demon Man.
Family: Nature Spirits.
Temporal Snare - he freezes time around his opponent for a short while.
Chrono Lightning - he gathers energy into his hands and shoots a thunderbolt at his opponent. Does more damage and hits twice if the enemy has been frozen by Temporal Snare.
Pic/description: He has a pretty slender build and he's around the same height as the other Hybrid Rookies. He's gold and white, has black, wavy hair and gold eyes. He's wearing a brown, long, tight-fitted tunic with wide sleeves, a purple mantle over it and a white turban on his head - the traditional clothing of Phoenicians.
Evolves From: n/a
Evolves To: Heimdallmon (with Human Spirit of Time) or ChronoLeviamon (with Beast Spirit of Time).
Info: He is fairly wise for a Rookie. According to him fighting won't solve conflicts, but if there is no other way, he will fight.

Name: Heimdallmon.
Name Origin: Heimdall is the watchman god from Norse mythology. He guards the rainbow bridge Bifrost that joins Asgard, realm of the gods, to Midgard, realm of the humans.
Evolution Stage: Adult/Champion (Hybrid, Human Spirit of Time).
Attribute: Variable.
Type: Warrior.
Family: Nature Spirits, Nightmare Soldiers, Virus Busters.
Sinn Geirr (Old Norse for "Time Spear") - he joins his two spears together at the hilts and spins the combination around, gathers blue energy into his arms and spears and then stops them, unleashing a circular wave of energy.
Ragnarok Thrymja (Old Norse for "Ragnarok Thunder") - he blows his horn to summon a thunderstorm.
Bifrost Gridh (Old Norse for "Bifrost Protection") - he summons Bifrost, the rainbow bridge, to guard himself from enemy attacks.
Pic/description: He has black hair (similar to Wolfmon's), gold and white armor with a sea dragon helmet, gold eyes and a slender build. He carries two spears on his back, along with a horn (as in bugle) on his waist.
Evolves From: Aionmon.
Evolves To: Varunamon (with ChronoLeviamon, Beast Spirit of Time).
Info: He is rational and good at strategy. He also has a great dislike for both the Olympian Twelve and the Demon Lords. He thinks they have gone too far by establishing themselves as gods - according to him they are Digimon just like everyone else and can be killed, and that true gods should be immortal. This is why he follows Yggdrasil - the program can never truly be killed and only goes into stasis if it's defeated. (Heimdallmon uses his spears to block physical attacks.)

Name: ChronoLeviamon.
Name Origin: Chronos, the Greek God of Time. Leviathan, the mythical sea monster.
Evolution Stage: Adult/Champion (Hybrid, Beast Spirit of Time).
Attribute: Variable.
Type: Aquatic.
Family: Deep Savers, Nightmare Soldiers, Virus Busters.
Chronal Torrent - he gathers chronal energy from around him and shoots a torrent of it at his opponent, causing him/her to be chronally displaced for a short time. Chronal displacement (i.e. living a few seconds off from other creatures) is quite painful and damaging to most creatures.
Tearing of Aeon - he tears into the fabric of time and sends his opponent into a void between time and space for a while, possibly to either allow him to run away or gather energy for "Chronal Torrent".
Pic/description: He is a gold and white sea dragon with wings that act as sails when he's traveling by the ocean. These wings enable him to change directions much like a speedboat does.
Evolves From: Aionmon.
Evolves To: Varunamon (with Heimdallmon, Human Spirit of Time).
Info: He is more bestial than Heimdallmon - he is wise as well, but has a fairly hot temper which makes it easier for opponents to goad him into a fight. He will attack any Olympian or Demon Lord he sees, no matter their evolution stage.

Name: Varunamon.
Name Origin: Varuna, keeper of divine order in Hindu mythology (an asura like Ardha, aka Aldamon), and who is a white man in golden armor riding a Makara (sea monster).
Evolution Stage: Perfect/Ultimate.
Attribute: Variable.
Type: Warrior.
Family: Virus Busters, Nightmare Soldiers, Deep Savers.
Bhavishya Nashta (Hindi for "Future Undone") - he shoots a gold and white spirit of a sea dragon at his opponent.
Samay Ke Teer (Hindi for "Arrow of Time") - he gathers energy into his arms, then unleashes it in the form of a massive assault of energy arrows.
Pic/description: His armor is gold and white and resembles a sea dragon. He looks human under the armor (like Beowulfmon does), but his sea dragon helmet covers his face.
Evolves From: Human Spirit of Time (Heimdallmon) and Beast Spirit of Time (ChronoLeviamon).
Evolves To: Shinigamon (combined with Reichmon).
Info: He has managed to combine Heimdallmon's wisdom, clear judgment and rationality with the raw power of ChronoLeviamon, making him a very observant and effective warrior. The slightly pacifistic attitude of the Human Spirit and the willingness to fight of the Beast Spirit have also merged to create a personality that fights to preserve peace.

Name: Shinigamon.
Name Origin: Shinigami, Japanese death god.
Evolution Stage: Ultimate/Mega.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: God Man.
Family: Nightmare Soldiers.
Kagemusha Maboroshi Giri (Shadow Warrior Phantom Slash) - he uses his kusari-gama to slash at his opponents and, if they're weak (something like Adult Stage and below), erase them from existence.
Zetsumei Gachin (Death Clash) - he spins his kusari-gama around by the chain and hits several opponents with the bladed end.
Kanashibari (Gold Bindings; "sleep paralysis") - he uses the chain of his kusari-gama to restrain his opponent.
Pic/description: He's colored black and purple, with a mask covering his face and golden eyes. There's a pair of sharp, nearly metallic-looking wings on his back that resemble those of a demon/angel hybrid. He carries an energy kusari-gama that is colored blue. He also has a black and white robe, similar to this, beneath his armor. The markings and shape of the armor are similar to this.
Evolves From: Human+Beast Spirit of Time (Varunamon) and Human+Beast Spirit of Darkness (Reichmon).
Evolves To: n/a.
Info: He is slightly sarcastic and fatalistic, with an attitude of "Everyone is going to die one day. It doesn't matter if I speed up the process.". He only kills if threatened or if Yggdrasil or any Digimon leader tells him to. He can be blindly loyal and listen to a higher-up even if he knows he or she's wrong.



Haruto Furusawa - eldest brother of three. 25 years old. He has been with DATS for 15 years, friends with Suguru Daimon. He ends up dying while protecting Mercurymon. Voice: Ken Narita.
BlackGuilmon - Haruto's partner. Final form Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. BlackGuilmon is bad-tempered as hell, but being around Haruto has helped him mellow down somewhat. Haruto's death hits him extremely hard and he regresses back into an antisocial Grinch as a result. Voice: Hiroki Touchi or Masanori Ikeda.

Yuuma Furusawa - middle brother of three. 20 years old. He has been with DATS for 5 years. Voice: Daisuke Hirakawa.
Dorumon - Yuuma's partner. Final form either Dorugoramon or Alphamon; combines with Denjiro's Ouryuumon to form Alphamon Ouryuuken Mode. Voice: Minami Takayama.

Denjiro Furusawa - youngest brother of three. 18 years old. He has been with DATS for 5 years. Voice: Takehito Koyasu.
Ryudamon - Denjiro's partner. Final form Ouryuumon; combines with Yuuma's Alphamon to form Alphamon Ouryuuken Mode. Voice: Shigeru Nakahara.

Kotone Mori - twin sister of Kenichi. 16 years old. She has been with DATS for 3 years. Very good at singing and actually sounds and looks more boyish than her twin brother does. Voice: Rie Tanaka.
FanBeemon - Kotone's partner. Final form TigerVespamon. Voice: Toru Furuya.

Kenichi Mori - twin brother of Kotone. 16 years old. He has been with DATS for 3 years. He has a complex about his appearance and voice and sometimes blows up at his sister for it. Voice: Miyu Irino.
Labramon - Kenichi's partner. Final form either Anubismon or Baihumon. Voice: Yuuichi Nakamura.

Shuichi Mori - elder brother of twins. 19 years old. He has been with DATS for 7 years. He suffers from a debilitating illness that he tries to hide from other people, just so they don't get worried. He taught his younger siblings how to sing. Voice: Kenji Hamada.
Renamon - Shuichi's partner. Red, male. Final form SlashAngemon. Voice: Nobuyuki Hiyama.


And I'm already making Super Robot Wars V OCs... a Japanese guy and a Finnish guy. *facepalm* I had to when I noticed Souji and Chitose's names are based on Japanese battleship classes.

I might just use the two in the OG timeline, too. Hyun and Chamdar's ships need more pilots on board than just Celio and Finn. (I may just use my old OC Finley Lockheed in there somewhere. Though he could get mixed up with Finn...)
...I should really buy myself a new game for my birthday. Just not sure which one I should get... Digimon Story: Cybersleuth, Digimon World: Next Order, FFVII remake, FF Type-0 HD, FFX/X-2 HD, FFXII: Zodiac Age, Tales of Berseria or Tales of Zestiria.

Just thought I'd mention, Super Robot Wars OG: Moon Dwellers and Star Ocean 5 are amazing. Good thing my copy of Super Robot Wars V is nearly at the post office~


Favourite genre of music: I can listen to everything, but I like classic rock the most.

Operating System: Hm. I have Windows 7 on my laptop.

MP3 player of choice: Advent MP3/WMA Player.

Wallpaper of choice: Pretty much anything I like. Now it's of Sänger Zonvolt from Super Robot Wars OG.

Favourite cartoon character: Hm. This changes pretty often, but at the moment it would be Wolf Haruto and Orion Eden from Saint Seiya Omega, Zoro from One Piece and Kiriha from Digimon Xros Wars (Kiriha is voiced by my top favorite voice actor, Takeshi Kusao. I'm biased, but Kiriha IS awesome. Seriously.). Oh, and Jade Curtiss from Tales of the Abyss. I want an English dub of the anime since I LOVE Kirk Thornton as Jade.

Personal Quote: "When we can't dream any longer we die." It kind of fits me, I mean, I AM a Pisces. XD


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Muuten, jos sieltä päästä sattuu löytymään Facebook-tili, FB:ssä on itse asiassa englanninkielinen Eddings -faniryhmä.… Jos kiinnostaa, niin mukaan vaan~
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Dave ja Leigh ovat itse asiassa lempikirjailijoitani. XD Olleet sitä jo vuodesta 2000 asti (olin jotain 12 noihin aikoihin). Nyt löytyy hyllystä kaikki 24 fantasiakirjaa sekä suomeksi että englanniksi (Polgaraa löytyy suomeksi kaksikin kappaletta), ja muutama ruotsiksi. High Huntia ja The Losersia ei ole, niitä kun ei Suomesta oikein löydy.

Piti aikoinaan kirjoittaa fanitarinoita Eddingsien maailmoista, mutta ensimmäinen tarina on aivan hirveä. Eleniumin/Tamulin maailmaan sijoittuva oli hieman parempi, mutta sitten "vinkku kaatus" ja kaikki hävisi. :shrug: Piti Martelkin herättää henkiin Sparhawkin puolelle tuossa jälkimmäisessä, herra "Vanha Kuoma" kun on lempihahmoni koko tuotannossa...
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Thank you so much for the watch  Crowned Diamond by Tuftsy

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Thanks so much for the watch! ^^ <3
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Are you familiar with Rurouni Kenshin? Ranma 1/2? Inuyasha?
LustyVenusianJuuza Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Have you ever watched The Godfather?
LustyVenusianJuuza Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Seriously GO read Dune. We're talking about a story thats been CITED as the GAME of THRONES of SCI FI........ EXCEPT even ffar more complex in many ways particularly in worldbuilding, politics,  and subtle very dark story with comparable shades of Grey).
LustyVenusianJuuza Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Are you familiar with Dune? I wtched the 84 movie last month and I am currently reading the novel.

HONESTLY just when I thought I seen it all, Dune is quickly becoming my favorite book of all time surpassing many old favorites such as The Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice andFire, and even surpassing many of my big favorites outside of literature such as Saint Seiya, Hokuto No Ken, and Toy Story.

Im literally addicted that Ive even read in the dark when there were no lights and bring the book everywhere I go to read at every moment I could get such as stoplights or sitting in the mall waiting for my friends to finish shopping.

GO READ IT NOW is all I'm leaving it.
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